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Our dogs are a real part of our family and like ourselves and our children we want our dogs, and yours to be happy, healthy and mentally stimulated. Our wellness and enrichment boutique is an area we will be expanding in the near future. At the moment we stock high quality toys and treats which we package into our very popular treat packs and treat boxes. We also sell groomer quality brushes and combs.


We care about your dogs inside and out! That's why we have spent many hours researching diet, treats, supplements and natural remedies. We have seen the difference in skin and coats when improving diet and have the knowledge to assist you in this journey. We currently stock a range of 100% Australian dehydrated meat treats that are healthy for your dog and that they will love. 

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Mental enrichment is as important and in some cases more important than physical exercise. We will be stocking a range of activities for purchase as well as providing mental enrichment for our grooming clients when they visit. Our blog will feature easy ideas for you to try with your dog.


Our very popular treat packs may contain the following. All of our treats are Australian made and 100% dehydrated meats, absolutely nothing else added.

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