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Experienced and professional groomers are on hand for all of your dog's grooming needs. Our pricing is based on coat condition and type, groom required, behaviour/temperament and time taken. We do not rush dogs through and take our time with each one to ensure dogs are kept calm and happy and the best possible result is achieved. To ensure your dog sees grooming as a normal part of life and further reduce any stress they feel towards grooming we require all dogs to visit on a regular basis. For clip customers this is no more than 8 weeks between visits and for desheds, 12 weeks at a maximum.

All services include a double shampoo using the high quality products, blow-dry (dependent on dog) and nails trimmed.

  • Deluxe wash: Shampoo, condition, blow-dry, light brush, nails... Suitable for all breeds and sizes

  • Deshed: shampoo, condition, deshed treatment, blow-dry, brush, paws trimmed, nails... Suitable for all breeds and sizes

  • Deshed & tidy: Deshed plus hygiene clip, light tidy... Suitable for long double coats all sizes

  • Full clip: Deluxe wash plus full body clip for style and comfort... Suitable for all sizes

Clips and Tidies

Full clips and hygiene tidies can be alternated to keep your pooch on a regular schedule and looking their best. All clip customers are required to be on a schedule of no more than 8 weeks between visits. This ensures your dog sees grooming as a normal part of life and reduces the risk of extreme matting. All clips and tidies include a bath, blow-dry and nails.

Deshed Grooms

We offer two types of deshed services. One for short/medium coats like Labradors, Jack Russells, Pugs which shed lots but don't mat up or knot due to the length of coat. Our other service is for longer double coats which may need some extra primping, especially around their ears, legs, rear end and feet. These are generally our Border Collie, Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain dogs etc.

We recommend no more than 12 weeks between visits, with many of our existing customers choosing 4-8 week schedules.

Puppy Packages

We offer all inclusive puppy packages to introduce your new pup to regular grooming. Packages include:

  • Introductory visit to assess puppy, start desensitising, nail clip, and tips and exercises for you to work on at home. We ask you to be involved in this session

  • 2 x hygiene tidies including bath, blow-dry, brush, face/feet/bottom tidy and nails

  • 1 x full 'puppy' clip, this is normally a longer clip so we can enjoy that gorgeous puppy coat for as long as possible, also includes bath, blow-dry, nails and brush

  • Groomer quality brush and comb suitable for your dog's coat

First visit should occur 2 weeks after their last needles with their 4 visit falling around 7 months.​

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