Experienced and professional groomers are on hand for all of your dogs grooming needs. Our services include:

  • Nail clipping: Clip and file to keep your dogs walking comfortably

  • Basic wash: Shampoo, condition, towel dry and nails. Suitable for short coats on very warm days only

  • Deluxe wash: Shampoo, condition, blow-dry, light brush, ears cleaned, nails... Suitable for all breeds and sizes

  • Deshed: shampoo, condition, deshed treatment, blow-dry, brush, ears cleaned, paws trimmed, nails... Suitable for all breeds and sizes

  • Deshed & tidy: Deshed plus hygiene clip, light tidy... Suitable for long double coats all sizes

  • Full clip: Full body clip and deluxe wash... Suitable for all sizes

  • Handstrip: Removal of dead coat using hands rather than clippers....Suitable for Terrier coats including Cairn, Border, Australian.