As your groomer we pledge to:

* Be kind, patient and caring

* Inform you of any lumps, bumps, sores or other issues we notice with your dog

* Honestly inform you of your dogs behaviour during grooming

* Do our best to ensure your dog enjoys the grooming process

* Do our best to make your dog comfortable and well presented

* Give your dog breaks as needed

* Use positive reinforcement

* Take notice of your dog's body language and adjust grooming process accordingly

As our customers we ask that you:

* Inform us of any issues your dog has during grooming or in general

* Pay for services rendered when collecting your dog

* Be respectful of our quoting/pricing

* Arrive on time for your appointment

* Request early drop-off/late pick-up if needed

* Give adequate notice if you need to reschedule or cancel (minimim 24 hours)

* Let us know straight away if there are any issues with your dog's groom

* Inform us if your dog would benefit from having no other dogs around, or has issues with other dogs

* Let us know if your dog has any allergies (we do like to give out treats)

* Inform us if you would NOT like photos of your dog to appear on our media pages

*Pay any No-Show fees applicable prior to next appointment