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As your groomer we pledge to:

* Be kind, patient and caring

* Inform you of any lumps, bumps, sores or other issues we notice with your dog

* Honestly inform you of your dogs behaviour during grooming

* Do our best to ensure your dog enjoys the grooming process

* Do our best to make your dog comfortable and well presented

* Give your dog breaks as needed

* Use positive reinforcement

* Take notice of your dog's body language and adjust grooming process accordingly

As our customers we ask that you:

* Inform us of any issues your dog has during grooming or in general

* Pay for services rendered when collecting your dog

* Be respectful of our quoting/pricing

* Arrive on time for your appointment

* Request early drop-off/late pick-up if needed

* Give adequate notice if you need to reschedule or cancel (minimum 24 hours)

* Let us know straight away if there are any issues with your dog's groom

* Inform us if your dog would benefit from having no other dogs around, or has issues with other dogs

* Let us know if your dog has any allergies (we do like to give out treats)

* Inform us if you would NOT like photos of your dog to appear on our media pages

*Pay any No-Show fees applicable prior to next appointment


  • Upon making your booking please ensure you have ready our policies and informed us of any issues your dog may have. If you would like photos please let us know so we can ensure our photographer is available. Please arrive on time for your appointment as you may need to reschedule and pay a late fee if you are more than 15 minutes late.

  • Upon arrival we will examine your dog and discuss what service is most appropriate and the approximate cost. If there is excessive matting your dog will be clipped short and this will incur a fee. Excessive matting presents extra risks. We are not responsible for any injuries/skin conditions etc sustained by owner neglect.

  • During grooming if your dog becomes uncomfortable we will give a break. If they become a safety risk to themselves or our groomers we reserve the right to discontinue grooming. If there is a medical issue we will cease grooming and contact you immediately. If we cannot get hold of you we may take your dog to the nearest vet for treatment at your cost. 

  • Please do not come into the salon until we have contacted you. If you do and your dog sees you we may have to cease grooming as it can be quite difficult to resettle your dog.

  • After grooming we may take photos for social media. You are welcome to share these and can purchase print quality images if you wish. We will then get your dog settled into a crate or pen for their safety and contact you for collection. We ask that you collect your dog as soon as possible. If you are going to be longer than half an hour a extra fee may be incurred. Payment is to be made via cash or EFTPOS prior to taking your dog from the salon.

Please note: As of 1st Oct 2022 No-show and cancellations within 24hrs will incur a fee of 50% of groom which must be paid prior to any future bookings.

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